Businesses are made up of people. The people within those companies make all the difference. We feel we not only represent fine quality products, but just as importantly, products manufactured by companies who are made up of good people who fully support those products they manufacture--and we're very proud to be associated with each and every one of them. We just feel that business should be this way.

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Bale Baron

  • Bale Baron bale accumulator
  • 21 small bales = 1 large bale
  • Can be handled with a loader


  • Front-end loaders
  • V-plows and blades
  • Grab forks and hay handling attachments
  • Wagons & running gears
  • Lawn & garden and ATV/UTV attachment
  • Innovative, unique attachments for many jobs.

AG Equipment

  • Baltic, Goosen, Kodiak
  • Pequea, Speeco, Belltec
  • Hackett, Monroe Tuffline
  • Sitrex, Wiese

Crary Industries

  • Air Reel
  • CWS Wind System
  • Combine bin extensions
  • Chaff spreaders
  • Gold-n-Cut cutting systems


  • Walk-behind stump grinders
  • PTO stump grinders
  • Tree shears
  • Mulchers
  • Tree saws
  • Tree spades
  • Trenchers
  • Wood splitters
  • Drainage plows
  • PTO power packs
  • PTO generators.


  • Grain Drills
  • Planter - Drills
  • Fertilizer eqiupment
  • Grain carts
  • Seed tenders